A cure for Herpes – A Dream To Come True

The cure for herpes is a very common question for today. There are so many scientists and researchers are working very hard for herpes cure continuously. But they were not able to develop any medicine which is fully effective on herpes virus till now. As you all know, it’s a viral infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. Normally the type of infection depends on the part of the body, which is affected by the virus. During herpes infection, you can see some symptoms or form blister that breaks out and result in small ulcers. The herpes is mainly categorized into two parts- oral herpes and genital herpes. The oral herpes is also named as cold sores. When the sores appear around and inside the mouth, then it is called oral herpes. In genital herpes, the sore appears in the genital parts.

There are two viruses which cause herpes that is HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 is known as herpes simplex virus type-1 and HSV-2 is known as herpes simplex virus type-2. HSV-1 is the main cause of oral herpes infection and HSV-2 is the main cause of genital herpes infection. Around 80% cases of herpes are caused by HSV-2 and remaining 20% cases are caused by HSV-1 every year. HSV-1 is transferred by direct contact with the wounds or we can say the sores, saliva or kissing with an infected person. Mainly it gets transferred due to direct contact with body fluids or lesions of an infected individual to a healthy person. In the starting period of herpes, you do not notice any symptom or you can also suffer from fever, muscle pains, swollen lymph nodes and headaches. It only depends on your immune system. After some time the virus will get activated in the stress full or low immunity conditions of the body and breakouts will appear. HSV-2 is transferred by having vaginal, oral, and anal sex without any protection. It can be avoided by using protection like a condom.
herpes-virusThe herpes virus has a property to hide its self in the body. It develops a protective membrane after reaching to a nerve, which protects it from the antibiotics. There it can stay for the lifetime in the inactive form. When the infected person has a low immune system and stress it becomes active and sores may appear. The antibiotic medicines which are present to cure herpes are not fully effective on the virus. They cannot able to destroy or kill the virus; these medicines only help in getting temporary relief. The symptoms and sore will again appear in the stress full or low immune system conditions.

Now the question arises, Is there a cure for herpes? This seems to be an unanswerable question, but in reality, there is an explainable answer for this question. There are a variety of doubts about herpes infection, but you do not get a satisfactory answer because everybody speaks out his own different story. The anxiety of already anxious and depressed herpes patients, there is need to get an answer to the question.
If you are a patient of herpes for a long time, then you can able to understand the importance of the answer to this question i.e. Is there a cure for herpes or not. Only, in this case, you can realize what millions of other herpes patients are going through and how much easier for them to live their lives if they get a satisfactory answer to this question. This is the most frequently asked questions over the internet, doctors and among all the groups of herpes patients. After spending too much time and money on research now, the scientists claim that they are too close to the herpes cure. There is a need to get an answer, whether it is a yes or no. At first, I would like to make you understand the role of antivirals in treating herpes and only then you can understand why herpes is called as incurable.herpes-cures

Why is there no cure for herpes even after dedicating so many years to the research?
I think you noticed that I said treating herpes and not curing? Now my question for you is that, do you understand the difference between curing and treating? If you feel they are the same, then antiviral drugs are the perfect solution for herpes, but unfortunately, they are not? If you are searching an answer for your question- how to get rid of herpes, with the help of antivirals, then I must want to say that, you are on a wrong track. Antiviral medicines can never help you to get rid of herpes. If medicines have that capability to cure herpes, then we could have a solution in our hands yet. The question is still just a question with no answer.

But I must say nature has a solution for this. Yes, it is a truth. There are so many herbs which can be used for treating herpes because they have antibiotic properties. Antibiotic medicines which we used to cure herpes, have numerous side effects, but herbal remedies for herpes don’t have any side effect to our body.